Instagram is the ultimate content sharing platform of the moment. From people to their dogs to businesses and popular brands, everyone has a presence of the platform.

Instagram is a global sensation that’s now not only a social media but a place that humanises content, builds businesses and personalities, enables mobile shopping and showcases products among others.While it’s normal to feel pressured to be active everyday on Instagram, it’s imperative to keep up to date with new developments on the platform.

Instagram users are engaged and not just active (Hubspot). The app sees over one billion active users monthly and over 500 million daily stories.

Instagram is not just a place to be, it’s a place to reach — it’s a huge and diverse online community and that’s where your Instagram marketing comes into the picture. To help you kick things off, we discuss the potential perks of marketing on Instagram for you business.

On this consistently evolving and growing platform, It’s important to to have your own distinct strategy, an approach, an identity —to have your page feel like it has something to to say, a point.

Let’s takes a look at 6 brilliant marketing tips that can boost your channels and take your Instagram marketing game to other level in 2020.


1. What’s in a business profile?


Instagram Business Profile


Instagram business profiles gives your business an access to business features and tools that enhance usability and first impressions alike. In 2020, business profiles are stacked with brilliant features from insights, to linking your stories to web pages, to taking advantage of Instagram advertising, the perks are endless.

While, the contact feature on your profile can allow your followers to directly get in touch with you as they normally would through your website, insights and analytics can help you track the right metrics and understand your audience better. Instagram advertising further can allow you to target and put your insights about your audience to use, create your own ads and publish them all within the four walls on Instagram. Pretty neat, isn’t it?


2. Do you even Analytics?

Instagram Analytics

Image by Constant Contact

It’s clear that marketing and analytics go hand-in-hand. Leveraging the power of Instagram analytics can help you evaluate the success of your Instagram marketing and optimize content for a heightened impact.

Analytics tools can help your business track your progress, analyses and identity trends and understand your target audience on a deeper level. These metrics provide insights into what you’re doing well and where you can improve and help you perform at the top of your industry.

Analytics can also help you track what posts your audience engages with the most, and in turn significantly guide your over all content strategy for the platform.Analytics can further be used to identify popular hashtags and gain valuable insights on what posts generally do well and receive the most interactions within your industry. The power of analytics is truly remarkable and it’s a tool staple to every marketer’s marketing arsenal.


3. Get’em with those teasers

Instagram Marketing Platform


Sharing product teasers is another buzz-generating Instagram marketing tactic before a product launch that can help your business generate sales. Posting product teasers can essentially help you sell more products. Sounds too good to be true?

Well it isn’t.

Teaser campaigns are a thing and they’re a great way to build buzz and excitements around a product or a launch. It’s an effective tool to build anticipation and help you grab desired attention in a crowded marketplace.

In the advertising and marketing world, teasers especially work because they’re not pushy. They simply tease whilst still doing their job i.e. marketing and giving your audience an opportunity to become interested — allowing you leave the ball in their court.

This can be further incorporated with Instagram’s drop notification feature launched in late 2019 with a focus on brand and to encourage promotion of new releases within the app. You can now tease products on stories with reminder buttons and make posts with product details and release dates that followers can click to enable reminders for.


4. Sponsored ads will take you places, literally

Instagram Ad Campains


Sponsored posts have become a commonplace on the app. They are a quick and effective way to boost your business’s visibility and are incredibly helpful for small and large businesses alike.

Whether you want to increase the visibility of a popular post on your page, advertise products or services, make important announcements or simply share some user-generated content. business can opt between stories, posts, videos, carousel, collection and explore page ads to meet a wide range of business and marketing needs.

Leveraging your analytics, you can create highly targeted ads that help you reach specific and new audiences with ease and grow your reach further than ever before. With Instagram advertising you control exactly how much you want to invest and connect, engage and convert your audience in a whole new way.

As more and more business join the platform, it becomes important to stand out and sponsored ads help you to achieve this through visually rich content and repetition leading to brand recall.


5. Everyone’s big on user-generated content

User-generated content should be one of your primary Instagram strategies, especially if you are a product-oriented business. They are one of the most powerful ways to build brand love and engage in community building.

While your engaged audience can generate useful content for your business, your audience also stands to appreciate user-generated content, possibly even more than your own content, simply because it’s authentic and unpredictable.

In an age where ‘everyone is an Influencer’ and with marketing and the world as a whole heading towards transparency and authenticity, consumers trust visual content that comes from real people.


6. Shoppable posts are all-the-new rage

In the last year, Instagram rolled a bunch of groundbreaking features from their shoppable posts tags, to checkout to shopping from creators. The features now make directly reaching, engaging, converting and selling all within the app a reality.

It is an impressive and powerful feature that stand to transform the platform into a mobile commerce giant this decade.

You can now turn your business account into visual stores, add tags and sell, providing a highly streamlined and simplified shopping experience for your consumers and serves as an exciting e-commerce develop on the platform for businesses.

The power of stoppable posts lies in being real, easy and fast for the consumers and this Instagram marketing feature directly influences the traffic and sales for you business.

I am a Graphic/ Web Designer based in Ghana. I work closely with brands of all kinds from start-ups to MCs and is here to help you tailor your own social media marketing strategy.

A marketing maverick, sharp-witted strategists, visionary designer, motion maniac and geeky coder. I believe in the power of compelling storytelling and bring it all to life with innovative designs, strategies, digital content and marketing.

I love working with brands who are new age, adaptive and think differently — across entertainment, technology, lifestyle and retail among other industries. I create engaging experiences that attract attention and audiences, drive business and acquire fans. Driven by a hunger for excellence.

I make sure you convey your brand message clearly with the help of meaningful and creative content that does not only interacts and engages with your audience, but also helps increase your brand recall value.


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